No smoking please!

March 3, 2014 | By More
Smoking in public spaces in the building is not permitted for anyone, including shareholders:  it creates a health and fire hazard; it causes a nuisance for people who are trying to climb the stairs; and it poses an extraordinary challenge to our effort to keep the public areas decently clean.

If you do not permit people to smoke within the confines of your apartment, then please understand that you need to ensure that they go all the way outside of the building before they light up.  You cannot smoke in the stairwell, nor can your guests or visitors.  And you cannot leave your cigarette butts on the stairs.

Please note the relevant House Rule:
“16. (d) No one may smoke in the pub­lic halls, stair­ways, ele­va­tors, laun­dry rooms or other Public Spaces of the Building”

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