Bulky Trash

Furniture and appliances that are predominantly metal or rigid plastic and are too big for your recycling container or clear bag (such as washing machines, metal filing cabinets, water heaters, or plastic furniture) should be placed beside the recycling container on the building’s regular Recycling Day.

Before discarding appliances containing CFC gas or freon (such as refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, or dehumidifiers), you must schedule an appointment to place the item at the curb for CFC recovery. You can make an appointment  on the Sanitation website or call 311. For safety reasons, the law requires doors to be removed from refrigerators and freezers before placing at the curb.

Non-recyclable trash that is too big for your garbage container or bag (such as mattresses, lumber, or debris from small construction or garden projects) may be placed at the curb on any regular garbage collection day .

The Department of Sanitation will collect up to six bulk items from one address. For more information, see bulk collection on the DSNY website. There are special regulations for wood from trees and for mattresses .

For info on how to handle TVs and other broken electronics, see electronics recycling.

For info on how to donate reusable furniture and other goods, visit NYC Stuff Exchange .